A special idea for a tasty gift!

Give a special gift to your Friends and Family:
an Al Garghet Gift Card worth €100, valid for an à la carte dinner (or lunch) in our restaurant.

Call, write or drop in!

You can pick up a personalised gift card at the Restaurant, or make us a transfer and receive the printable version via email.

– €100 Value.
– Customise with name and message.

Conditions of use:
– The recipient of the Gift Card must use it by reservation.
– The amount can be spent in a lump sum or in part. The remaining balance will be shown on the card.
– The amount (total or partial) is valid 12 months from the issue date shown on the Gift Card or Voucher. After the expiration date it can no longer be used, and the bearer will not be entitled to any refund of the remaining credit.
– If the available balance on the Gift Card is not enough to cover the amount required for the full purchase, the difference will be paid according to the payment methods accepted by the restaurant.
– The Gift Card must be present at the time of payment for the use of the prepaid credit.
– The Gift Card belongs to the bearer and is equivalent to cash: if lost, stolen or damaged (e.g. illegible date or number code), the Gift Card can not be blocked, refunded or replaced. The Restaurant bears no responsibility for improper or fraudulent use. The Restaurant reserves the right to verify the validity of Gift Cards presented, and to reject those that are counterfeit or otherwise altered.