The restaurant, Al Garghet, has typical dining rooms, each with a different theme.
From the most romantic and sophisticated dining room to the more homely and warm one.
Our customers can choose, while making a reservation, the dining room that best fits them.

In summer some interior rooms are NOT used.
Which is a pleasing opportunity for us to have you in our garden.

The Piano Room english cottage

Wrapped in a cozy English cottage with soft lighting, with the piano accompanying dinner and a harmony of green and red that make it a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The Botero Room petite chambre

Small room framed by railings and small works of art that represent memories of ancient humanity with a hint of nostalgia.

Kiosk provencal style

In the heart of the garden: light, fresh, warm and romantic.
Unique in its Provencal style.

The Music Room small and cozy

The harmony of the spaces is transformed into music. And so here’s another small cozy room.

The Park private corner

The green grass, the trees, the flowers and the sky come into this small space through large and bright windows.